First wedding : First fiasco

It has been a wild summer! In between interning for Dettagli Weddings, a summer class, and bartending, oh and then moving, I haven’t had much time to myself at all. Now that’s all winding down, I finally have time to write about it.

I worked at plenty of weddings this summer. My first one was quite an interesting experience! I arrived at Hotel 71 (where I would soon be spending a lot of my Saturdays) to meet with Katie, the owner of Dettagli Weddings. Just a few days before, I had been sent the schedule for the day and me, Katie, and the other two assistants had a conference call so I felt pretty confident in how the day would go.

But I forgot that not everything goes directly to schedule.

For the beginning of the day, I would be in charge of transportation from the hotel to the ceremony and reception at Cafe Brauer. There were two busses; Bus #1 was solely for the wedding party while Bus #2 would make two trips to take guests to the venue. After meeting the bride and groom (separately; they hadn’t seen each other yet), Katie and I went down to meet the bus drivers, get their numbers, and go over the schedule with them. It all seemed to be going just fine. Katie then left to the venue.

And then the stress began. The wedding party went off just fine. The first round of guests left for the venue just fine. Katie calls me to tell me that Bus #2 hit two cabs and for me to call him and make sure everything was still on time. While on the phone with me, he locked himself out of his bus!!! What a fiasco. He finally made it and picked up the second round of guests as well as me.

Then things with Bus #2 just went from chaos to unprofessional. We needed to go to a second hotel to pick up more guests (which we talked about earlier in the day with Katie). While in front of guests, he started giving me a hard time and telling me that he didn’t know how to get there and had me on my phone mapping out driving directions before he finally decided to tell me that he was just messing with me. Then he ran a bunch of red lights. Then gave me more hard time when we finally got to the second hotel.

I kept my cool. I smiled. I made it through my first fiasco. We finally made it to Cafe Brauer. I’ll have to tell you about all the good stuff in my next post, though.

As a side note, to anyone planning on doing a hotel room block in the Chicago area. I highly recommend Hotel 71. As I said, I spent many of my Saturdays there and I never had a bad experience. The staff were always so helpful, the rooms are beautiful, the prices are reasonable.. The hotel is just all around great.

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