Even Sue the dinosaur attended

Just as I was about to finish up for the night, I checked my Google reader to find that Dennis of Dennis Lee Photography had posted photos from the biggest wedding of the summer. Chris and Bri were married at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church and held their World’s Fair-themed reception at the Field Museum. But even with a guest list of 200+ and a zoo of transportation details, it’s hard to be stressed with a bride who is smiling this much on the morning of her wedding.

I can not say enough about this wedding. It was colorful, it was wild, even the speeches just about brought me to tears (happy tears, of course) and yes, even Sue the dinosaur was hanging out at the reception.

Like I said, the transportation was a zoo. There was a trolley for the wedding party of 38(!!!!) and two busses transporting guests from Hotel 71 to the church, then back to Hotel 71, and then to the Field Museum. And not only that, the busses had to make their way through traffic at Soldier Field. Not only were the Eagles there, but also Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks. To quote Dennis from his blog, though, “the best advice I can give couples for great wedding day pictures is to just laugh and smile and revel in the emotions of the day.  Bri and Chris were doing just that.” Seriously, I don’t think anything could have stopped these two from smiling ear to ear.

As I believe I’ve said before, I was not a part of any of the planning process for these weddings since they all began at least a year in advance and I just came on with Dettagli this past summer. I do know that while Chris and Bri were planning their wedding with Katie at Dettagli, Bri was teaching, getting her masters degree, and converting to Catholicism!

I would love to post all of Dennis’ photos from this wedding, but then it would just be too much. If you want to see more, check out the slideshow he put together. I love the journalistic feel to his photography and all of the emotion that he captures.

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