The DIY Bride

I think everyone can agree that couples like putting little personal touches to their wedding. It can be anything really. Some make homemade baked goodies as favors for the guests or even useful memoirs that brings back an important memory of the couples (like a bottle of olive oil with the couples monogram on it. Everyone can use some olive oil and it was a hit at one of the weddings this summer!).

One bride really blew me away, though. My boss at Dettagli, Katie, just took on this particular wedding as a day-of client. This bride was so extremely DIY, I have no idea how she had the time to do this. The personal touches like the African CD they put together for all their guests, their programs made to look like passports, the handmade centerpieces, and even the grass the bride’s mother grew in lieu of flowers at the ceremony was just so incredible!!! And I don’t even know how time consuming.

Sidenote: I have to give it up for the venue as well. It’s a beautiful building with a great view and even a classic car showroom on the first floor that they rent out for events. The second and third floor are both beautiful, but also just low key enough for the client to really make it their own space. It was definitely one of my favorite venues to work at this summer. Check out their website at

The bride is a contributor over at Elizabeth Anne Designs and blogged all about her planning process and even a few step-by-step instructions on how she did a few of her amazing DIY projects. I highly recommend taking a look at her blog. My two favorite posts are about her DIY grapewood and grass centerpieces and her DIY z-fold wedding invitations (which actually inspired me to design and put together my own graduation announcements). Kasia is a bride to take inspiration from.

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2 Comments to “The DIY Bride”

  1. Aww, this was the best compliment I’ve gotten, thank you! By the way, THANK YOU for assisting us during our amazing wedding…it was magical, largely, due to you and Katie! Also, my husband and I were long-distance during our engagement so most of my planning was done in airports and on flights every.single.weekend to visit him. 🙂

    • Kasia, it was a pleasure assisting Katie with your wedding! We were all so blown away by everything that you had done. I can’t even imagine how much time it must have taken you, especially with it being a long distance planning. You are a brave, brave girl!! I wish you and Dave the best with your marriage! Thank you sooo much for reading and commenting on my blog!

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